Maria del Mar Ribas & Lukas Streich 

Suite for Cello Solo in G minor for Cello Solo & Live Electronics

With Lines, Maria del Mar Ribas presents her suite for solo cello in G minor. A retrospective vision -
away from the classical form towards a modern language of the instrument. A reminiscence of the origins of this genre with global music influences.
The electronic rework by Berlin-based producer and composer Lukas Streich was created in collaboration with the cellist. The concept is to keep the form of the piece and develop a commentary in real time. In the process, the interpretation is sometimes heavily transformed, sometimes supplemented by electronics and effects. 

Maria del Mar Ribas, Cello & Composition

Lukas Streich, Electronics & Composition


March 3 , 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Release Concert Lines. Dach der Stadt Wuppertal, Germany


Lines & Lines (rework)


Cologne String Quartet



Cologne String Quartet

Throughout film history, many directors have chosen string music, either for its romantic tradition or for its intimate character. Other authors, however, have used its possibilities in a more experimental sense.
In this music programme, both aspects are taken into account. On the one hand, existing works by classical composers such as G. F. Handel and Samuel Barber will be heard in films such as Barry Lyndon by Stanley Kubrick or Platoon by Oliver Stone. On the other hand, original film music that in its time represented a break with previous tradition, such as Bernard Hermann in Psycho or Philip Glass in Mishima, among others, will be presented.
Tonspuren takes you on an evening journey through the most influential films that used original string music in various styles.


Opening Concert

February 25 , 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Tonspuren. Dach der Stadt Wuppertal, Germany

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