Lines is both, the title of this LP and the name of the electroacoustic collaboration between the cellist and composer Maria del Mar Ribas and the musician and producer Lukas Streich. Lines connects the composition of the original acoustic piece of the Suite in G minor for Solo Cello and its electronic rework, creating parallelism between both materials with the same duration. From these two forms of symmetrical composition (side A and B) a third musical discourse is born in which both parts complement and feed off each other. This invites the listener to merge the two versions with a forthcoming staging, where the electroacoustic piece will be heard and performed live.

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Maria del Mar Ribas is a cellist and composer with advanced knowledge in classical music, born in Valencia and living in Cologne. City that has given her a great opportunity to establish a network with other artists. From her recording studio, she collaborates with filmmakers and musicians of very divergent styles from Contemporary Classical, Funk, through Indie- Pop, Singer-Songwriter to Electronic Music.

In her first solo work Lines, presents her Suite for Cello Solo in G minor. A retrospective vision departing from the classical form towards a modern language of the instrument. A reminiscence to the origins of this genre with Global Music influences.

In this search for a new code she is preparing a recomposition of her work in an electronic version together with the composer and producer Lukas Streich. Here you can listen our first single called Aria.


*Photography by Jonas Bomba 


Suite for Solo Cello in G minor
I. Prélude

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